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tv   The Five  FOX News  May 9, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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anything that is possibly on your mind. we want to hear from you, on the record -- uh, good night from washington, d.c.. fired me, and the five starts now. >> hello, everyone. i'm dana perino along with bob beckel, greg gu gutfeld, and ths is the five. a lot of new revelations emerged yesterday from the hearing on the terror attack on our consulate in benghazi. we'll get to those in a moment. first, let's go back to the immediate days after the strike and the explanation we were given by president obama and then secretary of state hillary clinton. >> we've seen rage and violence directed at american embassies over an awful internet video that we had nothing to do with with. >> you had a video that was released by somebody who lives here, sort of a shadowy
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character who is extremely offensive video directed at muhammed and islam extremists and terrorists, used this as an excuse to attack a variety of our embassies including the consulate in libya. >> but here's what gregory hicks, the second highest ranking official on the ground at the time told congress yesterday. >> do you report to nip in washington within the first couple of days that flfs there a protest in connection to a youtube video? >> the only report that our mission made through every channel was that there had been an attack on a consulate. >> so at this table, we assumed all the things we found out yesterday to be true, but we were giving people buckets full of the benefit of the doubt. now they don't deserve that any more, eric. what do you think? >> i think there are two time
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lines. there's the time lines of politics, and that one really starts after everything in benghazi was finished. that was the coverup time line. mostly the way to answer that one is who pushed the video. that's the question that needs to be answered for that one. the time line of life is a little different. can i just throw it up here very quickly? here's how it actually went down, according to every source, not just the testifiers yesterday. 10 4th o four 5 p.m., benghazi attack. e-mail from benghazi. 11 p.m., obama meets with panetta and biden. between 1 and two p.m., stephens and smith are dead on arrival. at 2 a.m., hillary calls hicks. he's told via another phone call that help is not coming, they've been told to stand down. that's important because between 2 and 4 a.m. there's a lull in activity.
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no one is fighting. the consulate is quiet, but at 4 a.m. the second round, the mortar attacks happened, and doherty and woods are killed. so there's a lot of time, it only takes an how t hour to get there from tripoli, a couple hours from italy. there's a time loi line of lifeo save those two americans. the political time line starts with well, it was a video, it was a spontaneous attack, it wasn't a terror attack. that lull in activity may mean that there could have been lives saved. >> i think that was very helpful, that time line, because you start to realize like wow, as it's unfolding, a day goes by like that. if you're under attack and you knew you were going to be under attack and you feel like you're not getting the help that you want, andrea, how do you think for people who learned about this, what do you think their reaction is to the time line eric's talking about? >> i think there's still questions that need to be answered. i mean, they can look at the time line.
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i think it's troubling, but they still are asking why, and it's not just that night. it's not just why weren't more forces sent or why weren't any forces sent because you think about it. they didn't know. there could have been a third attack or a fourth attack or a fit attack. they didn't know. they just said we're not sending anybody, there's not enough time? in the months that led up i'll icontinue to hit this point. the same consulate was attacked twice. ambassador stephens asked for security himself, personally pled for enhanced security. why didn't he get it? he was a good friend of hillary clinton's. if that's the way she treats her friends, i would hate to see the way she treats her enemies. >> the mission she was on, greg, was on behalf of the state department to establish the building that they wanted there for her. >> may or may not have been. had to do something with help for the cia, so there are other questions. one of the questions that hillary clinton asked in the december hearing was what difference does it make. what do you think? it's just a hearing.
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>> here's the thing. i'm glad that obama took it so seriously that he went on letterman. i guess he couldn't get an interview with mad magazine. the administration lied. they lied about this video because they believed the lie and they told the lie before. the lie is blaming the video. it's no different than the lie about fort hood. when you blame fort hood on workplace violence, that's exactly the same thing as blaming the video. in a sense you're taking an external ees evil and internalig it. anything that's bad that's happening to america is then switched, so it's america's fault. that's what happened with fort hood. that's what happened here. if yesterday's hearing was about an american preacher who was burn a koran in front of a mosque, the white house would have been completely engaged in that because that outrage is a sin of the west, and as long as it reflects badly on us, they feel so strongly about it, but if it's beyond our borderers, if
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it's another country involved where we're so used to apologizing and to bowing, and that we're the bad guys, suddenly they're not there. they don't show up. >> i'll get bob in on this. i want to play some sound and have you react to it. you were at the state department in the carter administration. you know how dedicated career civil servants are. they had three yesterday at the hearing. some called them whistleblowers, some called them witnesses, and the democrats on the committee had some interesting ways of dealing with them. take a look. >> so fast forward, mr. hicks, to the sunday talk shows and ambassador susan rice. she blamed this attack on a video. in fact, she did it five different times. what was your reaction to that. >> i was stunned. my jaw dropped. and i was embarrassed. >> i find it truly disturbing and very unfortunate that when
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americans come under attack, the first thing some did in this country was attack americans. attack the military. attack the president. attack the state department. attack the former senator from the great state of new york, former secretary of state hillary clinton. >> so bob, these whistleblowers to me do not have a political axe to grind, but that's how it was turned on them when they were testifying. >> you know, i think the ultimate question here is who gave the general in charge of the african command the order to stand down? that is not at all clear to me. the second thing that's not clear to me is if they really could have gotten forces to save stephens' life. certainly they could the other two. the other thing i'm not convinced of is that there were many people to send to benghazi.
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somebody told them to stand down. the question is who was it? that's the key. >> absolutely. who gave the stand down order is very important? hillary clinton called at 2 a.m. at 3 a.m. mr. hicks found out there was a stand down order and they wasn't -- there was going to be no help sent to benghazi. think of this for one second, if it was alex or your daughter or malia or sasha or chelsea clinton in benghazi pinned down with mortars coming in and there's a five hour difference between when they first learned, when the e-mail came out that said benghazi under fire or four hour difference when obama met with panetta and biden. between the time then and one of those precious children were injured or killed, don't you think we'd be asking different questions right now. >> >> yeah, but listen. i have to ask you a question. the assumption, then, is somebody didn't really care about the lives of these people but rather their political butts. i find that hard to believe.
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>> i do, too. it would be very easy to find out the question of who gave the stand down order. there has to be some sort of record of it. andrea, why don't they just put iit ought owl there at this point? >> it wasn't just that. they were told to stand down multiple times. no f-16s were called. special forces were in tripoli at the time. they were ordered not to join a team to benghazi. bob, the question is this shows a profound level of unreadiness by the administration. dick cheney said we would have been ready on 9/11. this was a vulnerable area that requested additional security. on the video we forget president obama and hillary clinton spent $70,000 to apologize in advertisements in pakistan for that video. that's not getting a lot of coverage. >> and that's hospital. >> why was ambassador stephens taken to a hospital controlled by the same terrorists that conducted the attack.
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those four resources were left to die. when i saw that, i thought those poor people. they were left to die. >> what hospital would they be taken to? i assume benghazi doesn't have top flight hospitals. i assume there's only one. >> that could be right. that might have been the nearest medical facility. congressman boehner, speaker boehner is using the powers of the legislative branch with the executive branch to ask for the release of more information. all the innings we talked about including how do we get from knowing from the cia immediately on that day and from multiple sources on the ground, so there's multiple streams of intelligence director rating that al-qaeda is involved to blaming a video and having that guy arrested, still in jail. if we stand for anything in this country, he should be released. >> and where is valerie jarrett and susan rice? what deserted island are they on?
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>> they're getting awards for being great americans. >> this is the issue and why the left is so happy. the benghazi hearings are like an exam the white house knows it can skip because it's already getting a passing grade. the white house incompetence is borne of a doting media afraid of criticizing obama. if this were a republican, what would happen? look at drones. who called the administration the drones? it wasn't a democrat. it was rand paul. >> can i point something out? blaming the video is political cover for president obama. hiding this person who called for the stand down is political cover up, in my opinion. >> if i'm not mistaken, the original intelligence report did talk about the video, did it not? >> no, it did not. >> it did not. >> remember, there was spontaneous events simultaneously somewhere else that had nothing to do with this. >> excuse me. i busted my button off my shirt. we're going to keep talking
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about this and the media's role in keeping the truth about benghazi from getting out. greg has been keeping track of the coverage. jodiy arias, guilty of first degree murder. the death penalty is on the table. will she get it? we'll talk approximat about it e five foam. [ indistinct shouting ] ♪
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>> greg: remember when the main stream media was all about speaking truth to power and asking questions, rest in peace, you shameless creeps.
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with benghazi, the media hacks have come together like a walter duranty version of the wonder trins, morphing into the powerful obama scandal condom. here's rachel calling people stupid for their rage over the death of four americans. >> magic. if you say benghazi enough, if you teach enough people who only type with the cap locks key on twitter to spell benghazi, that h is really hard. then eventually president obama will be impeached or he will resign. >> greg: people are dead, but the people who care, they can't spell. isn't that hilarious? you have jon stewart playing fnc for his own lack of interest in benghazi with an h. >> you can't understand why everyone else isn't as outraged as you when it's because the rest of us aren't sure if what you're saying is true. and to be quite frank, you do have somewhat of a history of
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hysteria. >> greg: so wait. if fnc wasn't raising alarms, jon stewart would have covered it? i don't know. if you're the clown prince of progressive pander, you're pretty stoked if nfc gives you the out. then there's colbert finding the funny in the flames. >> since last september, fox news has been pursuing this story doggedly, to uncover how the administration blew it, when they blew it, why they blew it, and how they will continue to have blown it. and most importantly, how is this car still burning? i mean, it's been eight months. >> greg: see, it's funny because the car's on fire for like a really long time. people died, but what difference does it make? that's not just hillary's line but all of them. note to massengill, we found your new spokesperson. it's an entire group.
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they're like face painting groups at raiders games, they're so impassioned for they'r their, they're ghoulish. stuart and company chose sides long ago and love playing unopposed. they have reason to cheer. the story will probably die like the four in benghazi with the lap dog media standing down, making these so-called journalists co-conspirators in the benghazi coverup, and that's comedy when you're winning. >> angie, the way i look at it is they refuse to actually cover the story. instead, they want to cover people who care about the story because then that kind of absolves them from having to deal with the ugliness. >> andrea: they don't want to touch the story but they jumped in to cover the story when mitt romney gave a response to the benghazi story. now, they didn't want to cover the four dead americans, greg. they wanted to cover the appropriateness and the tone and the timing of his remarks. now we know mitt romney was
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vindicated with those hearings yesterday. remember, president obama responded to mitt romney's response saying yeah, you know, he just shoots first and aims later. he hit the bull's eye, and then president obama said you have to back up what you say with facts. how dare he say that? everything that they have said up until this point about the video and beyond and security as not been backed up with any facts. it's insane. the media just snores. >> greg: i want to go to dana. bob is steaming. the only way you can put colbert and jon stewart out of business is if fnc becomes completely liberal. >> dana: without us, they wouldn't be millionaires. i'm waiting for the dinner invitation. somebody ought to buy me a steak. >> greg: you one-point be able to finish it. dana: it's pretty. i like to believe because i'm a nice person that deep down inside everybody gets the joke, everyone looks at the same evidence and goes golly. now they're to the point where they have to all cover up their
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coverup so they don't look bad, and maybe they do start to believe it inside. i don't know. you think i'm too nice? >> bob: it's so shameless. the shmuck on the morning bandwagon decides to jump on the bandwagon. >> greg: which shmuck? >> eric: you have a telestrator. you thought there were three branches of government, an executive branch, a legislative branch, and judicial branch. we didn't realize there was a fourth branch. it's the media branch that covers for all of these branches because they're in love. that's beautiful. >> andrea: i like the way you did the e and the d. >> greg: so bob. >> bob: yes. >> greg: isn't this basically an attempt to say there's no story here and it's only a story because right wing bigots make it a story? >> bob: first of all, let's go
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back here just for a second to the end of the session. >> greg: answer whatever you want. >> bob: thank you. i usually do. you know, during the bush administration there were 54 diplomatic missions attacked and nine americans died and they had one hearing. there's been nine hearings on benghazi. >> dana: did anybody lie and blame a video tape and have them put in jail? >> bob: wait a second. >> eric: are you kidding me? >> andrea: there was an accusation that president bush didn't answer the phone call? >> dana: there's a reason there's a hearing, because the white house absolutely changed the facts of intel, accused an innocent american of causing the death of four americans, had a 10-person swat team swoop down and put him in jail and tried to cover this up in the media. that didn't happen when fitte 54 missions were attacked in the bush administration. what kind of a comparison is
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that? >> bob: the outrage a lot of these republicans are showing was not shown there. >> dana: because there wasn't a coverup. nobody failed in their job. >> andrea: do you remember ab greagreatabutgreaaabugrabi? do you remember the media covered it. nobody diednd and a naked pyramid. >> dana: it was a horrible story and deserved to be covered. >> andrea: the bush administration took it on the chin. these guys on the other hand sweep it under the rug and threw somebody in jail and pretends like their you know what doesn't stick, it really [bleep] me off. >> bob: i think the bi biggest outrage, i think we'll find out there was mismanagement all the way around, but the fact that this guy is still in jail on a misdemeanor and he's not going to get out until june is an outrage. how if th in the world they cane
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with themselves. you said last night it will ruin his life. >> dana: he'll have to go into witness protection, definitely. >> bob: i mean, this is a christian who is trying to make a point, and they blew this thing up and made it a big story. pulled him out of his house in the middle of the night, had him cover his head up. somebody at the justice department ought to pay for that. >> andrea: way to unify at the end. >> greg: you know what? their their you know what does , dana. >> dana: i don't have any money for the swear jar. >> greg: jodi arias tells fox news after her conviction she wants jurors to sentence her to death. will they grant her that wish? you'll hear from arias herself. yeah. she's going to be here on the set, on the set.
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[ music ] >> greg: the jodi arias sentencing hearing was postponed until next wednesday. no explanation was given. two options are on the table, life in prison or death. she told fox news minutes after her conviction which one she'd prefer. >> the worst outcome for me would be natural life. i would much rather die sooner than later. i believe death is the ultimate freedom, so i'd rather just have my freedom as soon as i can get it. >> so you're saying you actually prefer getting the death penalty than being in prison for life? >> yes. >> greg: all right, bob. what yo do you think? do you think she means that? >> bob: i don'i don't know of ay who has been convicted like this and waiting for the death penalty versus life in prison doesn't say i think i'd rather
11:30 pm
die until they look at the needle, and then all of a sudden they'll say well, wait a minute. i've given this some thought. maybe i can contribute something to society behind bars. she doesn't want to die. my own guess is that she won't be given the death penalty, but i don't know. >> greg: thoughts? >> eric: it's reverse psychology. she said she wants to die so people say you know what? it willr far worse for her if she lives the rest of her life behind bars. that's a mistake. you cannot empathize with sigh psychos, they can adapt to anything. crazy people can adopt to anything. put her down like a dog. evil people are selfish people. >> greg: you know why i'm laughing? you yourself said you could adapt to prison. >> eric: i definitely could. meals, exercise, cigarettes. i could sit there and read big old books. i'm not a fan of people. >> bob: what about when it comes time to shower? >> eric: i look forward to that.
11:31 pm
>> greg: okay. >> dana: call his bluff. orange is not your color. >> eric: the human being can adapt to anything. don't let her adapt? >> i think it's baloney. i think she's a total socio path who loves the camera. she loves this. she can be behind bars. she can have a blogs. she can get pity. she can get attention. she can get male suitors because there's men who are crazy enough to date women that crazy. >> greg: bob. >> dana: the name rhymes with rob. >> i get the sense that there is great division on both with sides, but i believe the majority is against me. a psychologist once explained to me that society has this need to persecute people to get some sort of gratification from it, so there might be something going on there. >> eric: she slit the guy's throat and stabbed him 25 points. >> dana: i'm having a hard time
11:32 pm
concentrating because i have 25 more points on benghazi that i want to make. she said early on no jury will ever convict me. we sit here and we think that she thinks like we do. she doesn't. she's evil, and i am done with her. i am so done. >> greg: you're not going on a speaking tour with her? >> eric: wasn't she saying if she got convicted, she would kill herself? >> dana: good. let her do it. >> bob: she can make millions of dollars on book. even though they have a son of sam law, it's the new york serial killer who wa said you ct profit from your crimes. there's a big hole in that that the supreme court has raised questions about. can you imagine? lifetime is doing a jodi arias story in june. >> i want to commend the jurors. >> dana: they've gone through so many days of this. put their lives on hold for this woman. >> eric: you know what they did? they rejected the modern grift
11:33 pm
of emotionalism. she was blaming her murder on domestic violence which is like bill ayers blaming his problems on the war. >> greg: the prosecutor decided apparently jodi arias blea bar a bargained. she said she would take second degree murder which is 15 to 25. they said no way. they were going for it. juan marpt national weather marr attorney general going forward. final thoughts? >> whereas the switch? >> greg: you flip it? > >> dana: pro bono. i would fly out to phoenix on my own dime and flip it free of charge. >> greg: coming up, we have the first look at the psych path who is accused of killing four and raping three women in cleveland. new details are emerging about their captivity. keep it right here.
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[ music ] >> dana: we got our first look this morning at the man accused of holding three women captive for a decade in cleveland since he was arrested on monday. >> andrea: ariel castro is the captive now and the women are free. he was arraigned on rape and kidnapping charges and is being held object $8 million bond. also in court were his brothers onil and pedro on unrelated misdemeanor charges that have since been dismissed. today we heard from the mother of gina dejesus who explained what it was like to reunite
11:39 pm
her daughter after all those years. >> after all those years, what did you say to one another? >> we didn't say nothing. we just grabbed each other and held on. that's what we did. there was no words. it was just hugging and kissing and crying. >> you were able to see all three of the women. how are they holding up emotionally, nancy? >> surprisingly, they are doing great. >> andrea: one of the aunts yesterday asked for the privacy of these girls, dana. i think these girls should stay out of the media as long as they can. >> dana: absolutely. >> andrea: i think we should leave them alone. >> dana: when they're ready, and if they're ever ready to talk about it, it's amazing what love from your family can do to heal all the years of scarring that they've gone through. i do think there's something to be learned from this, however, and it might be that when they decide to talk, they might be able to help others. in a statement, it says that he
11:40 pm
would lure them into the car by offering them a ride home, and that was the thing you always worry about. don't get in the car with a stranger or maybe he was not a stranger to them. maybe he knew of them in the neighborhood or something, but i think that there's something that if they can teach other young women something in america or help us teach children how to make sure that you do not get in a vehicle with anybody. >> bob: that's the thing that i found the most striking. that guy doesn't exactly look like your first date. i don't think. for that dude to pull up in a rooty old car and say do you want a ride? somebody didn't tell those kids when they were young don't get in the car with strangers. >> eric: i don't think he was a stranger because he was the father of a friend. >> dana: isn't there another lesson, eric. when you see something, say something. charles ramsey said i wish i would have been more heroic earlier. shouldn't people be a little
11:41 pm
more alert and into what is going on in their neighborhood. >> eric: he said it himself. >> andrea: it's his statement. >> eric: he said hey, you got in the car with stranger. absolutely, you know, that's one lesson. don't get in the car with strangers. the other is if you're a neighbor, just say something. just say something. >> dana: the cops came because somebody said they saw a young girl tapping at the window in the attic. and then in his statement he said he used to put them up in the attic when people came over and the cops come by and nobody answered the door so they leave. okay. i can understand that. somewhere in the community, doesn't it sit there and fester? >> eric: okay. it's a weird subtlety, but in the past you would hear -- i mean, it was the deliverance joke, that this sort of thing only happened in rural america, out in the woods, the back woods, but today many of our inner cities are back woods. >> greg: they're dying. the new outback is now the
11:42 pm
inback. the new breed of hill billy is the city billy. as people leave the cities, you have houses like this that are boarded up with not a lot of neighbors going around, and this stuff happens because nobody bothers to look, they're too scared. at least we stopped the keystone pipeline. >> bob: if anybody saw your place, they would have the same reaction. >> eric: i >> andrea: if you call the cops, why don't you make sure they follow up? isn't it like that's a private matter? there's girls in the back yard who are naiblgd, we shouldn't say anything, mind your own business, everybody. >> eric: all bets are off. there were three girls abducted three miles away from there. the cops should have been on notice to take the extra step if they get a call. open the door if you can. look in. a couple other thoughts very quickly. $8 bond? doesn't it seem low? 800 grand he can get himself out and anyone can post bond for him. how about 80 million bond and remand to jai. the two brothers
11:43 pm
get to walk even though they had misdemeanor parole violations. our friend the film maker is still in jail. >> eric: here's the good news. >> andrea: this was breaking a while ago. he could face aggravated murder charges for terminating those pregnancies. this is another one. i'll volunteer, fly to cleveland. give me the switch. i'm ready. >> eric: you're out to kill today. >> bob: you're the hanging judge today. >> andrea: do you disagree, greg? >> greg: there should be a job where you're allowed to do torture for the deranged where you can come up with something. put him in a cell, make jodi arias his nurse and make gosnell his doctor. >> bob: there you go. i think it's symptomatic of america today that neighbors don't know neighbors. nobody pays attention to their neighborhoods. don't you think a house like that might have drawn attention? >> dana: they don't know their local police. still to come, boston's police chief testifies on capitol hill that the feds
11:44 pm
didn't share warnings on the bombing suspect tamerlan tsarnaev before the attack. a spot was found for the burial of his body. we'll tell you where it is ... next. the capital one cash rewards card gives you 1% cash back on all purchases plus a 50% annual bonus. and everyone wants... ♪ 50% more doo wop ♪ 50% more buckarooooooooos ♪ 50% more yeeeaaahhhh!!!! ♪ 50% more yeah yeah [ male announcer ] the capital one cash rewards card gives you 1% cash back on every purchase, plus a 50% annual bonus on the cash you earn. it's the card for people who like more cash. ♪ 50% more boogie ♪ what's in your wallet? cashhhhh!!!
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.[ music ] >> dana: phil colum collins. >> bob: the intel on the boston terror attacks, and we've learned that the older brother killed in the shootout with police has been buried. only andrea knows where it is, so she'll let you know at the show -- after the show at a non-disclosed location. meanwhile, his wife is lawyering up. why does she have to do that, eric. >> eric: have a criminal lawyer? because i think she's involved. >> bob: i thought they said she wasn't. >> andrea: the brother said she wasn't. >> eric: i think they've established that at least one of the bombs was made at the residents where she was living. i think it's very smart for her to do it as a defense. i also think it's smart for the fbi to stay on her because man, this thing has to have a lot more legs. >> bob: you know, this issue
11:49 pm
raised here about what the intelligence community knew, how they didn't talk to each other about it. if i were the boston police, i would be a little upset about that. >> greg: think of all the stories we've done in the last two weeks based on having warning signs and missing them. jodi arias, the guy's friends was saying she was nuts. fort hood, benghazi, cleveland, boston. all these things are about ignoring signs. >> eric: gosnell? >> greg: gosnell. >> dana: who is doing all the ignoring. >> bob: well, the f.b.i. >> dana: you make me think there's something i'm ignoring. >> greg: me. >> dana: well, i've got your number. you know, is there something that i should be seeing so that in hindsight i don't look back and go oh, i wish i would have told be somebody about this. >> bob: somebody should have told the boston police this guy has been investigated an the russians got in touch with the fbi twice about him. >> eric: it comes down to
11:50 pm
tolerance. that's all it is. people are scared of appearing intolerant so they don't finger anybody. i hate using that phrase. >> andrea: you used it twice in one week. >> greg: where is the body buried? >> andrea: can't tell you. >> bob: so far she wanted to do away with the cleveland guy. arias and who else? >> andrea: not in that order, by the way, too. it would be the tsarnaev brothers first, then the cleveland kidnapper, thened thenedthene jodi arias. >> andrea: you should get a head start and take the younger bomber off their hands. >> dana: and gosnell. >> bob: the hanging judge. >> andrea: i think that it was important to me that the body of tsarnaev not being sent back to russia. >> dana: i was afraid there might and martyr thing set up. i also think it's much less important where the body is than where the soul is. the soul is in hell.
11:51 pm
>> bob: on the wrong way down. on that note, one more thing up next.
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[ music ] >> greg: some camera guy. >> andrea: time for one more thing. everybody see that? >> greg: he's a good boy. >> andrea: who could that be? >> eric: that's doggie porn music. >> dana: happy one more thing. i forgot my one more thing. >> dana: i'm supposed to go first. its more pictures of jasper. i'll skip it. i'll save it for another day. go ahead. >> eric: are you sure? >> dana: unless we have time at
11:56 pm
the end. >> eric: i made a political add that joe biden, chris christie, marco rubio are able to use at 3 a.m. >> it's 3 a.m. and your children are safe and asleep. there's a phone in the white house and it's ringing. something's happening in the world. your vote will decide who answers that call. whether it's someone who already knows the world's leaders, knows the military, someone tested and ready to lead in a dangerous world. it's 3 a.m., and your children are safe and asleep. who do you want answering the phone? >> i'm hillary clinton, and i approve this message. >> what difference at this point does it make? [ music ] >> eric: that's it. that's the ad. >> andrea: you have one where the phone is ringing and hillary clinton is going zzzzz. >> andrea: or michelle obama is saying could i somebody get that
11:57 pm
phone. >> andrea: we did the story on "the five" months ago. the cheerleaders put bible verses on a sign. they went to court for the right to be able to do you can', and the court said you know what, ladies? you can. that decision was held up in a court the girls are now allowed to do it. i like how they said they knew that god would work it all out, and he did. >> andrea: bob. >> bob: i have a phrase of my own. it's relativism. we're not going to use it any more. i also have one more thing, but i'm waiting for it. here it is. today, folks, we have a big day. today is dana's 35th birthday party. this is her very kind of thing. she eats this whole thing by herself, she and das per. happy birthday, dana. >> dana: thank you, everybody. it's been a great year. >> greg: i made something for you. >> eric: it's a drawing i made of myself as a unicorn.
11:58 pm
don't we have that? >> dana: it will look great in your jail cell next to all the crazy people. >> greg: one more thing. today's word, blank years young. on people's birthday, they say i'm 40 years young. no. you're 40 years old. stop it. >> dana: you're not young. >> bob: can we have a piece of cake? >> dana: i blew it out because i was afraid. i do wonder, living in new york, if it's measured in dog years. this place is very stressful. you can almost get hit by a car 20 times on the way to work. you can watch other people almost get hit by a car. everybody's honking and yelling, but you know what? i really like it here. how can i hate everything about new york but still like it. >> bob: can i have the first piece because i have to catch a plane. >> greg: do you want to show more pictures of your dog. >> dana: it's my birthday and i'll show my dog if i want to.
11:59 pm
dog yesterday in central park when it was raining. so cute. look at this. do we have it? peter, my husband, is the only husband to took the dog out yesterday morning in the monsoon and let me see it. he's going to start running here in a second. it's very cute. okay. we have one minute left. andrea, why is he outside the studio right now? >> dana: he was a puppy. >> bob: is the camera guy sitting with him? >> dana: we taped that. isn't that good. >> andrea: do you want me to go through the ways i would kill all these terrible people? why don't you tell me what you're going to do tonight, eric? >> eric: how did this happen. >> eric: i'm going to hang out with the guys for a couple hours. >> bob: will your wife let you do that? >> dana: every thursday night. does she go out hang out with the gallons? i've got a question. do you know how i can say i'm going to go out with my girlfriends but guys don't say they'll go out with their
12:00 am
boyfriends? i was thinking about that. i have a lot of time on my hands lately. we're going to get out of here. i love my birthday. thank you. that's it for "the five". i'll be on red eye tonight. welcome to "red eye." it is like who wants to marry a millionaire if by millionaire you mean a hairless sentore. what is coming up, mr. black? >> thanks for putting on a jacket, mr. boss. high school students forced to listen to an anti-fracking rap song? we will bust out the out reach meter straight ahead. and why do americans think gun crime is up when it is actually down? some say it is the liberal media complex. others -- well, i can't imagine what others would say. and why have 80,000 people applied to be the first humans to go to mars and never come back? well have you seen the news lately? greg? >> i hope you go to mars.


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